DEFINEWA Luminaire
Solar Streetlight

1.000 - 8.000 Lumen

DEFINEWA LUMINAIRE. Die modulare LED Solar Strassenleuchte Made in Germany

DEFINEWA Luminaire - Streetlight mains-independent

The Solar Streetlight has been developed a unique design

Discover the revolutionary DEFINEWA Luminaire solar streetlight – the perfect choice for environmentally conscious and design-conscious customers. With its high efficiency and modular design, DEFINEWA-Luminaire offers a wide range of configuration options to suit your individual needs.

The unique look of the DEFINEWA-Luminaire provides a modern and stylish aesthetic that will enhance any outdoor environment. But that’s not all – the solar luminaire features a newly developed design that mounts the solar panels vertically on the pole, which means that snow and dirt cannot accumulate. This ensures that the DEFINEWA-Luminaire always operates at maximum efficiency and provides constant illumination.

With the DEFINEWA-Luminaire, you are choosing a sustainable and future-proof lighting solution that will give you years of faithful service.

Solare Straßenbeleuchtung,  intelligentes Lampenmanagement

Product details

01    | Patented design for high wind speeds up to 50m/s

02    | Sensor-controlled, intelligent luminaire management with MPPT power controller

03    | high quality brand LED with a luminous intensity of 200 lumens/watt

04    | LiFePO4 (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate) battery with battery management system in a
     thermo-insulated housing with active temperature monitoring

05    | Made in Germany

Special features

Solar module

SUNPOWER monocrystalline high performance module with an efficiency
of more than 22.6% and excellent low-light performance.

LED module

NICHIA brand LED with 200lm/W, configurable up to a luminous intensity of max. 8,000lm and configurable clearance profiles. 2000lm in the standard version.

Battery module

Long-life maintenance-free LiFePO4 battery. Configurable up to 2,560Wh
(640Wh standard version)

Control unit

Powerful GPS-System controller:
– Time-accurate setting lighting scenarios

– GPS-supported time synchronization with automatic
summer/winter time changeover
– Intelligent programming of light intensity
– Luminaire communication via radio MESH network (option)
– GSM remote maintenance (option)
– Temperature-monitored battery charging management

Charging time

About 5 hours with sunshine.

Lighting duration

Battery capacity lasts for 10-35 days depending on lighting setting and selected battery capacity.


CE | RoHS | IP66


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